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There are many sources of fertilizer, but sometimes finding good sources of organic fertilizer that is affordable and convenient can be difficult. There is a surprising source of organic fertilizer for tomatoes and other garden plants that can change the way you grow your garden. It allows you to grow more plants that are healthier and with less work from you.

external frameyoutube.comThis is not just a fertilizer, it is a different way of growing plants that does very well with common garden plants like tomatoes. This method typically requires less work, eliminates chores like weeding, watering, adding chemical fertilizers, build aquaponics system eliminates a lot of garden pests. It can also be a more fun way to grow plants.

After the initial setup, this system creates a biological system between fish, plants, and beneficial bacteria that will mostly take care of itself for many years. Gardening becomes less about weeding, digging, fertilizing, watering, fighting pests, and all the never ending work, and becomes more about feeding fish, planting plants and harvesting. You end up doing less work and more of the fun parts. Plus you get fish. You can raise them to eat or just to keep and watch them grow.

For a simple an aquaponics system, you will need a fish tank. Aquariums with fish are already very popular in many homes. You can grow tilapia, catfish, crappie, bluegill among many other types of fish. Or if you don't want to eat the fish, and only want to grow vegetables, you can choose traditional decorative fish that you would find at the pet store.

Closed-loop aquaponics involves recirculating water through the hyroponics system, thus continuously reusing the water. It is a continuous flow system. Plants are grown in a reservoir which is filled with water and a grow bed. The cleansed water exits through a drainage hole, which comes from the grow bed. The grow bed consists of gravel or clay particles and is where the plants receive their nutrients.

Leaves are turning brown or wilting - the browning or wilting of leaves most likely means that there is a high level of mineral in the water. Make sure that you haven't added any chemicals to the fish tank, if you have, discontinue the use of that specific chemical. Plants are sensitive to chemicals so consult first with an expert before adding anything.

The main expense with reusing an aquaponic system is when you have to replace all of the growing medium. If you are using rockwool, for example, you have to throw out all of the old rockwool and replace it with new rockwool for each new crop. This can easily be a $100.00 expense (or more), even in a small system. Other systems use netted pots filled with expanded clay pellets, lava rocks, or other reusable grow medium.

With aquaponics, there is no need for fertile land. Fertile land is very valuable and expensive. But with aquaponics, plants are not grown in the ground, so food can be grown in areas that would normally be unsuitable. With this system, food can be grown on cheap infertile rocky ground and even barren deserts. Since very little water is needed, this can allow food to be grown in many parts of the world where it otherwise wouldn't.

Remember – no one is too old or too inexperienced to start their own aquaponics system. If the desire to be self-sufficient is there and you have the passion to get things done, aquaponics is definitely right for you!

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