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SEASON 2021 UPDATE (23.04.21)

The East Wales Private Greens Bowling Association Executive Committee convened an emergency meeting on Friday 23rd April 2021 to discuss recent developments with a view to maximising options for clubs to participate in competitive PG2 leagues.

As you are aware, the EWPGBA Committee made a decision to limit clubs to 24 players for PG1 and PG2 matches as we were worried what impact the COVID-19 pandemic would have on our member clubs and player availability. Twenty four players was agreed as a conservative number to enable all clubs to compete in league matches throughout the season. Since that decision was made it has become apparent that a number of clubs are able to raise in excess of 24 players each week, and more importantly, could provide more players for PG2 matches.

The Committee, following further discussions with clubs, has now agreed that a new PG2 format be introduced for the 2021 season that we believe caters for all our member clubs during these tough times. We understand that it is important to get as many members playing bowls as possible this year, not only to enhance much needed club revenue, but more importantly, to improve the health and wellbeing of the members. We believe we have continued to provide competitive league bowls, whilst remaining fair to clubs who would have struggled to field more than two rinks and opened up more opportunity for the larger membership clubs to field more rinks and increase player participation.

It has therefore been decided that all league matches shall be played in the fours format and regular league rules will apply unless otherwise stated below.

To comply with the current Government COVID-19 restrictions of outdoor activities for up to 30 people (as of 23rd April 2021), matches will be defaulted to two rinks of four players for this entire season, unless otherwise agreed by the clubs. However, where clubs are able to field three rinks, then the match can be played in the three rink format. In the event of the Welsh Government relaxing restrictions further to allow outdoor activities for up to 50 people then the option of four rinks may be introduced.

The amount of rinks to be played must be agreed by the two clubs prior to the league fixture. Where there is no agreement or a club is no longer able to field three rinks the match will be a two rink PG2 fixture.

Six (6) points will be awarded to the team with the highest aggregate match score, three (3) points awarded to each team if the aggregate scores are tied. There will be no rink win bonus points awarded this season. In the event of teams level on points at the end of the season, the league position will then be decided on shots difference.

The dates and venues for playing the PG2 matches shall be decided by the Competition Secretary and these have been distributed to all clubs and are available on the EWPGBA website.

As previously submitted to clubs, there are 3 weekend fixtures that need to be moved from late September and October as some clubs would have closed for the season. The new dates for these fixtures are as follows (unless otherwise agreed by the club Fixture Secretaries):

Saturday 18th September fixtures to be played on Tuesday 17th August

Saturday 25th September fixtures to be played on Thursday 26th August

Saturday 2nd October fixtures to played on Thursday 2nd September

Just to confirm, all matches will be played in club shirts and white/grey shorts or trousers.

We wish you good health and good bowling for 2021.

Executive Committee of the EWPGBA

2021 Season Update (13.04.21)

The East Wales Private Greens Bowling Association Executive Committee convened on Tuesday 13th April to set about a plan for the 2021 season. It was the intentions of the Committee to produce a league format for clubs which complied with the Welsh Government COVID-19 regulations as well as looking after the health and safety of our players.

We are very mindful that clubs may struggle to field two teams this year due to the understandable circumstances in these unprecedented times. After much deliberation it was decided that we limit league bowls to 24 players per club. This comfortably meets the Welsh Government regulations for Outdoor Activities for up to 30 people and increases player safety. It also gives clubs the best chance to compete in both PG1 and PG2 competitions.

2021 Season – PG1 format

The PG1 team will consist of 16 players (4 rinks of fours). The match will be split into two sessions with 30 minutes in between sessions to allow for the safe transition of players on and off the green and sanitisation of equipment if needed. League fixtures will begin on Saturday 1st May and remain a full schedule of home and away matches.

Match format:

16 players per team

Session 1:     12.30pm start      2 rinks (Home team) v 2 rinks (Away Team)

Session 2:   Not to commence before 3.30pm      2 rinks (Home team) v 2 rinks (Away Team)

These start times can be altered if otherwise agreed by the two clubs. However, it is important that the 30 minute time slot remain in place for the safe transition of players between sessions.

Scoring:   2pts per rink win (1pt draw)     6pts match win (3pts draw)             

Both sessions will count towards the overall match score. Please note that players cannot play in both sessions.

It is advised that Session 2 players arrive after 3pm unless otherwise agreed by the two clubs.

In the event of the Welsh Government relaxing restrictions further to allow Outdoor Activities for up to 50 people, this format will be reviewed which, in turn, will allow us to move to the regular match situation with a start time of 2.30pm. A huge advantage is that if any relaxation is made to the restrictions, it means there is very minimal disruption to the league format and the continuity of the league remains consistent.

2021 Season – PG2 format

After lengthy discussions and debate, we felt that clubs with PG2 teams could possibly be stretched to the limit with player availability. It was a very difficult decision and we decided to run the PG2 League in a two-rink format to minimise the threat of clubs forfeiting matches due to lack of players.

8 players per team         2 rinks of fours (Home Team) v 2 rinks of fours (Away Team)

Scoring:         2pts per rink win (1pt draw)       4pts per match win (2pt draw)

For clubs who can provide additional players on a match day, we do encourage friendly pairs, triples or rinks to be played alongside the Private Greens match. The friendly rinks will not contribute to the Private Greens match score. Any arrangement of friendly rinks are to be organised by the individual clubs and must ensure that the Welsh Government COVID-19 regulations and home Club health and safety guidelines are strictly adhered to.

Promotion and relegation places will remain for all leagues. Any teams not fulfilling their PG1 or PG2 league fixtures will face relegation from PG1 Divisions 1, 2 or 3 and PG2 Division 1.

2021 Season – Private Greens dress code

All matches will be played in club shirts and white/grey shorts or trousers.

2021 Season – Hospitality & Catering

Due to COVID-19 regulations concerning indoor hospitality and catering at present, we do not expect the home club to provide food. However, this can be left to the home club’s discretion as long as Welsh Government COVID-19 guidelines and the home club’s health and safety regulations are met with regards to social distancing. This will be reviewed once the indoor hospitality guidelines are relaxed further.

2021 Season – Cratchley Bowl & Single Rink competition

It was decided that the Cratchley Bowl and Single rink competitions will not run for the 2021 season.

We fully accept these decisions will not please everyone. In fact, whatever decision we arrived at would have the same impact on clubs and players. As a committee we need to assess the situation for all our member clubs. Whether we opted for our current format, 4 rinks of triples or 3 rinks of fours for PG1 and PG2, you would still have the same 24 player scenario playing on a Saturday. We even discussed the possibility of 4 rinks PG1 and 3 rinks PG2 but this would require clubs to provide 28 players every week. The COVID-19 pandemic will have a huge impact on playing numbers this year and the foreseeable future. We feel our decision not only protects the integrity of the best league in Wales it also safeguards the future of PG2 bowls for our member clubs.

Executive Committee of the EWPGBA

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2021 President – Mr Neil Collett