PG1 – Division 2 Fixtures

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Saturday 27th April
Rhiwbina v Cardiff
St Fagans v Windsor
St Josephs v Llantrisant
Whitchurch v Cardiff Athletic
Saturday 4th May
Cardiff v St Fagans
Cardiff Athletic v St Josephs
Rhiwbina v Whitchurch
Windsor v Llantrisant
Saturday 1st June
Cardiff v Llantrisant
Cardiff Athletic v St Fagans
St Josephs v Rhiwbina
Whitchurch v Windsor
Saturday 8th June
Rhiwbina v Llantrisant
St Fagans v St Josephs
Whitchurch v Cardiff
Windsor v Cardiff Athletic
Saturday 15th June
Windsor v Rhiwbina
Saturday 22nd June
Cardiff v Windsor
Cardiff Athletic v Llantrisant
St Fagans v Whitchurch
Saturday 29th June
Cardiff v Cardiff Athletic
Rhiwbina v St Fagans
Whitchurch v Llantrisant
Windsor v St Josephs
Saturday 6th July
Cardiff Athletic v Rhiwbina
Llantrisant v St Fagans
St Josephs v Whitchurch
Saturday 13th July
Cardiff v Rhiwbina
Cardiff Athletic v Whitchurch
Llantrisant v St Josephs
Windsor v St Fagans
Saturday 20th July
Llantrisant v Windsor
St Fagans v Cardiff
St Josephs v Cardiff Athletic
Saturday 27th July
St Josephs v Cardiff
Whitchurch v Rhiwbina
Saturday 3rd August
Llantrisant v Cardiff
Rhiwbina v St Josephs
St Fagans v Cardiff Athletic
Windsor v Whitchurch
Saturday 10th August
Cardiff v Whitchurch
Cardiff Athletic v Windsor
Llantrisant v Rhiwbina
St Jospehs v St Fagans
Saturday 17th August
Rhiwbina v Windsor
Whitchurch v St Josephs
Saturday 24th August
Llantrisant v Cardiff Athletic
Whitchurch v St Fagans
Windsor v Cardiff
Saturday 31st August
Cardiff Athletic v Cardiff
Llantrisant v Whitchurch
St Fagans v Rhiwbina
St Josephs v Windsor
Saturday 7th September
Cardiff v St Josephs
Rhiwbina v Cardiff Athletic
St Fagans v Llantrisant