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Here's the deal: I've a significant obsession with dark chocolate, not only because it's delicious and wildly addicting, but additionally due to its numerous health benefits and superfood properties. Here's the trick: Because it's delicious chocolate (aka the main ingredient in lots of candy pubs), doesn't mean the delicious chocolate itself is necessarily unhealthy like most people may believe. Typically it's the sugar, dairy and/or cream that generally makes chocolate a little much less healthy and will even interfere with its beneficial antioxidant absorption. If you are aiming to consume dark chocolate for health advantages, stick to at least 70% watching the sugars content (that is where chocolates gets sneaky). Since we're talking about chocolates today, I decided to give offer you some of the wonderful health benefits of eating it: It's best for your heart , might reduce stress , is a successful antioxidant , can provide you a far more effective workout , and probably a million more reasons. As mentioned before, dark chocolate also is commonly lower in sugar and higher in fibers than milk chocolates (assuming your getting at 70% dark chocolate). Actually, a portion of chocolates can have up to 5g of dietary fiber! Major props to the superfood, right? Personally, i love cooking with chopped chocolates because of the taste, beautiful look and health properties it gives treats. Experimenting with different tastes and delicious chocolate brands has been one of my personal favorite things to do over the past few months. Today I idea I would talk about a few of my total favorite chocolate brands and bars together with you. They're in no particular order, just a couple that have been tested by my assistant and I within the last two months. We vowed to consume chocolate every night just so we can share some of our favorites with everyone. Obviously very difficult job, but someone has to do it. Enough talk, let's reach the nice stuff: 1.) Trader Joe's CHOCOLATES Lover's Club : Trader Joe's CHOCOLATES Lovers bar is made with 85% cacao. It has a fruity profile that guarantees a smooth and rich pub flavor. The chocolate is produced by Colombian farmers who work in small batches to make sure that the chocolates is of the highest quality. Why we think it’s great: It's great for baking, inexpensive and isn't bitter at all. 2.) Lake Champlain Creamy Coconut : Lake Champlain Chocolates are made with Belgian chocolate and all-natural substances from Vermont. The bars are made in little batches to make sure freshness, and consist of no chemical preservatives, extenders, or chemicals. Why we think it’s great: The pubs are flavorful and unique, especially the creamy coconut. It tasted just like a developed Mounds Pub, but with a creamy coconut middle and far better chocolate. A few squares make an excellent dessert. 3.) Divine Delicious chocolate 70% Mango & Coconut : Divine Chocolates is a good Trade chocolate business co-owned by 85,000 cocoa farmers in Ghana. The business is unique for the reason that its farmers personal the largest stake in the company and talk about its revenue. The bars are created with top quality and 100 % natural ingredients. Why we think it’s great: One of the better chocolate pubs we tried. We couldn't end crushing on the flavors, objective or how delicious the bars tasted. Favorite flavors consist of hazelnut truffle, mango coconut, almond dark chocolate and 85%. That is a great snack or dessert chocolates to eat alone. 4.) Enjoy Life Dark Chocolate Club : TAKE IT EASY makes delicious allergy-friendly chocolate bars, baking potato chips, and various chocolate products. Every bar is stated in a nut and gluten-free facility, and is free from gluten, soy, dairy products, and whole wheat! Why we think it’s great: We like that nearly anyone can appreciate their chocolate. If you are on a particular allergy sensitive diet, this chocolate is definitely for you! 5.) Madecasse Toasted Coconut : pigs trotters

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